Baby Sleep Consultant is here to offer solutions to all your baby’s sleep problems, at an affordable rate. We provide sleep assessments that are a tailored solution specifically for your child to suit your parenting style.  We promise you our techniques and approach will be effective in changing your little one’s sleep.  Enquire today for a better nights sleep tomorrow!
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“You have not only bought sleep back to our home but peace, balance and confidence. I feel again that I am not just getting by but loving being a mother to my two beautiful kids, which is no less than they deserve.  Thank you for being accessible, affordable, patient and understanding.  You have changed our lives.”

~ Janica

“I still can’t believe how much difference one night could make.  He slept through the next night, and every night after that.  I learnt so much from Emma I am now calm and confident that I have the skills to deal with sleep problems if they surface again.  No more dummy, no more rocking, no more safe t sleep.”

~ Chloe

“Hi Emma, just to let you know miss Scarlett slept through until 6.30am this morning! Triumph!!! Thanks so much for all of your advice wisdom and input! I can’t believe how easy it turned out to be!! I will definitely be recommending your services to everyone I know with babies!!! Thanks again!!!” 

~ Emma-Jane Kieren and Scarlett